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Valentin Imperial

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

If Disney built a tropical all-inclusive resort, The Valentin Imperial would be the blueprint. The theming of the property is reminiscence of a Spanish manor: Large, wrought iron chandeliers, peaceful water-features, mosaic tile, and lush vegetation. You immediately feel as if you're the special guest of a wealthy Spanish land owner. Beautiful marble tile floors and expansive, high archway welcome you to the one the most beautiful lobbies in the Cancun area.

Lobby Check-In Area

The expansive, well-landscaped property contains wide, stamped concrete walkways that make you feel like your hundreds of miles from civilization, yet all the meandering walkways make everything on the property conveniently located. 

Wide, stamped pathways lead the way to everywhere.

Night lights illuminate all the paths after sunset. Your morning and evening walks will be enjoyed with the subtle music being played through speakers that line each walkway.

The Valentin Imperial has the LARGEST pool of the 10+ all-inclusive resorts we've visited in Cancun. 

A second, quiet pool, is just steps away from all the amenities surrounding the large pool, yet somehow maintains its peaceful and relaxing feel. Trust me, this pool may look “plain jane" or boring but that's exactly what you want at the “quiet" pool. The palapas surrounding the pool provided welcomed shade, or you can pull your chair out into the sun – either way, this is a great place for “nap time".

My morning walk provided this great image of the quite pool.

Before I leave the pool conversation, I want to point out the only food available at the pool is from the Pool Bum Food Truck. But it offered plenty of variety. You could choose to eat at one of many tables under the shade or grub on your food of choice lounging poolside. 

What about the beach? Well, well, well…Valentin has one of the best beaches! Not only does Valentin Imperial have one of the largest (and nicest pools), they have a fantastic beach! Check out the walkway to the beach…subtle, yet it builds anticipation.

Early morning champagne in hand....beach time!

Just before you access the beach, the Sunrise Bar greets you on the left with a fantastic view and colorful drinks.

The Sunrise Bar is a great location to swing or sit at a table to enjoy a great ocean view or just to contemplate life…

:quot:There:apos:s no place like...the Riviera Maya:quot:

Or dare I say it….check emails! There's Tammy – always working.

Always checking on her clients!

We grab our drinks and head out to the beach. Wide, expansive, and plenty of palapas to choose from.


Let's visit the rooms. We were fortunate to stay in the Junior Suite Silver Superior building. When you first look at the property map you may think, “it's not close to the pool" or “it's not close to the beach" or “it's not close to the restaurants". On the contrary, this location was perfect…it may not close to any one particular area but it was super convenient to everywhere. Of course there wasn't a pool or beach view from our room but if location convenience is high on your priority list, this is a great option. 

Building 1 was surprisingly convenient to everything.

After a short golf cart ride, we make the quick walk to our room through the lush landscape.

Here we go! Time to tour some other rooms!

Astrid and Tammy leading the way!

Let's get to the good stuff. Welcome to the Junior Suites Emerald.

Now this is a walk-in shower...with a view!

Relax the day away with this view.

On our way to the Golden Pool area!

Walking along the Golden Pool

Not to be outdone, this next room is part of the Junior Suite Golden options. All the rooms in these buildings have either a view with quick access, or swim up access to the Golden Pool.

Great view of the Golden Pool

This would be your view for a swim up room.

And our room tour is complete! Thanks to Astrid for showing us around and answering all our questions!

Astrid rocked those high heels like a pro!


What about the food you ask? Well, there was plenty of it…and it was ALL delicious. We ate Mediterranean (L'Olivo), Mexican (LaHacienda) , Japanese (Ginger), and Surf/Turf (Mar y Tierra Restaurant) during our stay. We did not have time to visit L'Alsace (French Cuisine) or Taman Sari (Asian).

I'm just going to post these pictures below and let you delight in their presentation.

Ginger - Sushi

Ginger: Teriyaki Beef

L:apos:Olivo: Chicken Breast stuffed with mascarpone and saffron sauce.

If you have a someone in your family who just wants good 'ol fashion bacon, sausage, eggs, etc for breakfast, well, they have that too! Plus a crepe station for the more refined members of your family 😉

Oh! I almost forgot to mention our favorite after-dinner spot: Don Miguel Bar. What a beautiful, sophisticated bar. Elegantly decorated and home to several signature drinks. My fave was the Blackberry margarita.

Well, that brings us to the end of another trip report. I hope you enjoyed this quick look at The Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya. Here a quick summary of our Pros/Cons of Valentin:


  1. The resort has a soul, meaning you feel like family.

  2. The roadway entrance is impressive, and the drive onto the property is very prominent and tropical. 

  3. The Lobby (Majestic in all its grandeur)

  4. Service

  5. Food Truck – The Pool Bum

  6. Ginger Restaurant

  7. Ambiance

  8. Don Miguel Bar

Areas for Improvement:

  1. No restaurant directional signage

  2. Lack of Beach/Pool Towels (You are provided one towel each in your room for the beach/pool)

  3. Small Fitness Facility

  4. No poolside pizza

Remember, you can also follow Tammy on Tiktok @travelagenttammy or Facebook: Exclusive Travel by Tammy.

We look forward to sharing more resorts with you soon! Until then – cheers!

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