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2021 Year of the All-Inclusive Resorts: Secrets Cap Cana Arrival Day

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Greetings friends! Eddie here. Tammy asked me to take on the roll as blogger for this trip, so when your beautiful, travel agent wife asks you to carry your weight, you gladly respond “As you wish" (The Princess Bride fans will get that reference).

Our 2021 travel year started in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). With COVID still lingering around the globe, our options were limited but still luxurious and tropical. In 2020, we had traveled to other All-Inclusive Resorts in Mexico, like Unico and Excellence Playa Mujeres, so we wanted to venture to a new destination and selected Secrets Cap Cana. Here we go…

The Punta Cana International Airport was surprisingly quaint. No mobile ramps or modern architecture to detract from the tropical paradise that awaits you. The thatched terminal rooftops left no doubt you had arrived to the Caribbean. 

The Customs and Immigration areas were spacious and well marked for travelers.

COVID safety protocols were in full effect. Since this was our fourth international trip during the world pandemic, we were used to these measures, and so was everyone else around us.

The baggage claim area maintained the charm of thatched ceilings and open breezeways. The warm tropical breezes were beckoning us.

Punta Cana Baggage Claim

Once you exit baggage claim, the shuttle/taxi area is very easy to navigate and find where you need to go. We had arranged transportation to Secrets Cap Cana through Mike Fisher Tours and Travel.

The drive from the airport to Cap Cana was a very short 15 minutes. We've arrived!

The welcome staff was friendly and very helpful. They always enjoyed pausing a moment for a great picture!

In typical Secrets fashion, we were handed a glass of champagne upon arrival to kickoff vacation! 

Eddie, Tammy, and our two newest travel buddies: Julie and Angela!

Tammy enjoying her champagne while I perform my duties as business photographer.

The open-air lobby area is reminiscent of other Secrets Resorts. Their architects and designers do such a wonderful job creating great signature views as soon as you arrive.

We were staying in the Preferred Club for this trip, so we were escorted to the Preferred Lounge for check-in. Along the way you get an opportunity to see restaurant locations or subtle landscape elements that make each walk memorable.

Jourdain was patient with our questions.

This was my favorite restaurant.

My mother's side of the family is Italian (shout out to the Lazzuri peeps!), so naturally I quickly see the Italian restaurant Portofino's on the walk to check-in. This restaurant would later provide a great outdoor dinner experience on Day 2.

There's something about wine bottles hanging from a tree that mesmerizes me, as if calling out my name.

After a short five minute walk, we arrive at the Preferred Club lounge for check-in.

Karla helped check us in as we waited for our Room Host (sometimes referred to as a “butler") Oliver, to arrive.

Yes, I believe those are watermelon margaritas.

And who else would it be, none other than the famous Javier! He was fantastic behind the Preferred Club bar. I watched him handle a many obnoxious and loud guests with grace in the evening hours. 

Oliver is on his way…here's where we're headed!

Oliver is going over the details of the room. COVID cleaning protocols are visible throughout the room.

Yes, Tammy is still nursing her margarita.

Sanitized TV Remote and Tablet

The snacks and refrigerator were stocked with plentiful options. If you wanted more or less of particular items, your room host can easily accommodate.

So….you wanna see the beach! So did we. We quickly grabbed our bathing suits and headed out to the Preferred Club beach area!

This was a great way to unwind from a quick flight and relax before dinner. You can see more beach, pool, and property pictures here.

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