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Secrets Maroma

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Welcome to Secrets Maroma. One of our favorite All-Inclusive Resorts.

Secrets Maroma ranks in the Top 3 of all the resorts we've visited. Two of their amenities, the beach and the food, rank #1 overall.

Lets get some of the formalities out of the way before I over-indulge your senses with pictures of the beach and food. 

Below is the modest check-in area for guests.

After checking in, your know you've arrived on vacation when you walk into this beautiful lobby.

Here's a view from the other side of the lobby. This marble slab with falling water is the lobby's impressive centerpiece.

If you are visiting as a Preferred Level Guest, this will be your check-in area.

The Preferred Bar is a great place to get a drink during check-in.

Sometimes we would walk over to the bar mid-day to stretch our legs and grab an adult beverage.

This property has some of the best all-around views. 

Eddie is an early riser, and his walks around the property in the morning provide some great images.

His walks always take him to the beach for sunrise.

Secrets Maroma has one the best beach front properties in Cancun.

Occasionally you may hear about seaweed. This can be a common problem for most beaches in Cancun.  The resorts can't do anything to mitigate seaweed but most of them have seaweed removal operations. Seaweed isn't present everyday either, it all depends on the ocean's currents.

Much like the beach, the pool area is large are beautiful. 

Wow! Now this is what a “main" pool should look like.


We like to get to the pool early in the morning and enjoy some quality time before it gets crowded. A lot of times it feels like we have the pool to ourselves.

It:apos:s Never Too Early To Start Hydrating

In the afternoon we always had time to hang out with new friends!

There's also a second pool that is very long and linear just steps away from the “main" pool. Check this out! 

This second pool is what I would call the “activity" pool but the main pool would host water yoga a couple times a week.

Cool Activites

Mini-golf Day or Night

Lifesize Billiards

Poolside Spanish Lessons

Everyone wants to see the view from the room. As you wish…


Food and Beverage

I won't bore you with listing all the restaurants and names of dishes, you just want to know if the food was good, right? Yes! 

When reviewing these pictures, I realized we eat A LOT of food, and most of it is poolside. Guilty! Enjoy.

Guilty Pleasures of Maroma

Well, that about does it for this trip report. If you're interested in Secrets Maroma or any other All-Inclusive resort, you know who to contact. Tammy can help you plan any trip…anywhere. Cheers to a good time.


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