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Why Use a Travel Agent?

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

This blog will be dedicated to trip reports and useful information for your vacation, but I am also hoping this blog will show you the benefits of using a travel agent!   So my first question – why wouldn’t you?  We are FREE!  Suppliers build in a commission so you are paying the same price whether you book through an agent or not.  You don’t want to give up control?  You don’t have to!  The only thing that is required is making the payments through the agent.  Everything else you can still do (but why would you want to?)  Here are some top reasons for booking with an agent:

  1. FREE service (did I mention that already?!)

  2. We alleviate some (if not all) of the stress of planning a vacation

  3. We LOVE to talk about trips!  You have a built in friend that gets as excited as you do about your trip who you can bounce ideas and questions off anytime!

  4. We travel – a lot – and therefore know all the latest and greatest info/tips that we love to share

  5. We will be your voice in dealing with any travel related issues (Hello – do you remember Hurricane Irma?)

  6. We have access to a world of knowledge – if we haven’t been there – we have a colleague who has!

  7. We save you TIME & MONEY.   Why spend hours doing research when you can spend that time with your family and I provide you all the information in one place?   Why get up at 6:00am to make dining reservations for Disney 180 days in advance (that’s right – 6 months!) when you can tell me what you want and I will do it for you!  If a discount comes out after you’ve booked and applies to your reservation – I will automatically apply it!  Who wouldn’t love waking up to an email hearing that they’ve just saved $$$?

  8. Booking incentives such as on-board credits for cruises. Check out my post on how to save money on your Disney Cruise!

Why Use Disney Travel Agent onboard credits

Travel Agents spend a lot of time in trainings and educations so we can help you have the best vacation ever!

Bottom line, even if you love planning and have hours to spend doing research….why not support small business instead of giving money to large corporations?  I’m sure we all have family and friends who own a business – wouldn’t you recommend supporting them?

Have I convinced you yet?  Great – let’s get to planning!  🙂  Fill out my quote request form here.

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