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Disney Cruise for a Large Family

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Disney Cruise For a Large Family

A Disney Cruise for a Large Family (3 or more children), can sometimes be tricky with accomodations.  With Disney Cruise Line (as well as most other cruise lines), the most a cabin will sleep is 5 people.  There are only certain room categories that will hold 5 people, and especially if your children are older, it can still be pretty tight.  

So what does a large family with four or more children do?  Our family of six gets two connecting staterooms.   Even when you are a family of five, sometimes it comes out cheaper to book two connecting rooms instead of one of the higher category rooms that sleep five, so make sure you check out that option – the extra space having two cabins is wonderful! 

With our family, we would leave the connecting doors propped open so basically it was just like a bedroom next door where we could always keep an eye on the kids.  

Disney Cruise Connecting Rooms
DCL Connecting Rooms

Open Door to the left is opening to the connecting room

DCL Connecting Rooms Doors Propped Open

Most Disney Cruise staterooms offer the split bathroom plan, so you get a toilet and sink in one room, and a shower and sink in the other.  So if you have two connecting rooms for your large family, you get 2 toilets and 2 showers – which definitely helps out!  You are also getting double the storage space.  This is especially good if you are on a 7-night or longer cruise so each person can have some space and not be on top of each other.  Although Disney cruise staterooms are larger than other cruise lines, it can still be cramped after a while, so stretching out into two rooms is great (and necessary if you have more than 5 in your family!)

Do you have a large family and want to know the best ways to afford a Disney cruise?  Be sure to check out my blog post “Ways to Save Money on a Disney Cruise”

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